WELLFLOAT / Double 4548

The ultimate in anti vibration measures, having a two­stage pendulum structure

The multi­stage pendulum structure developed for the Wellfloat Babel is used for board­type insulators. The unique four­unit, two­layer Wellfloat mechanisms achieve the squared effect of the single­stage pendulum type!


■ The latest in the Wellfloat Board series, using “hanging structure,” which is well known to audiophiles, suppresses sound distortion to the utmost limit.
■ Superior vibration suppression characteristics due to the “multi­stage pendulum (2 layers)” which is also used for gravity wave detection.
■ A “multi­stage pendulum” with resonant frequency f₀ has a damping characteristic of H(f)~(f₀/f ) 2 x n power, while the Wellfloat Double has a damping characteristic at f₀ =3Hz, at f = 300 Hz, two stages theoretically have an isolation ratio of the eighth power of 10.

Design: Built­in 8 small Wellfloat mechanisms (4 x 2 layers)
Material: Stainless steel, aluminum
Load capacity: 200 kg (static load)
Dimensions: 480mm X 450mm X 44mm
Weight: 10.8 kg


Mr. Shiro Nakamura, a world-famous car designer who produced numerous masterpieces such as GT-R and Fairlady Z at Isuzu Motors and Nissan Motors. He has a deep knowledge of music, is an amateur jazz bassist, and also plays the classical cello. He used to use well floats for musical instruments when he played, and he designed a new generation of well floats.

Mr. Shiro Nakamura