The ultimate model of the Wellfloat series

The ultimate model of the Well Float series, which has a reputation for audio files and suppresses sound distortion with a “suspension structure”.

Vibration down to the molecular level is controlled by a “multi-stage pendulum (4 layers)” that is also used to detect gravitational waves.

Obtained Patent No. 7104389 (also PCT international patent pending)


The highest-grade model in the WELLFLOAT series, which eliminates sound distortion thanks to our patented hanging structure that has a reputation among audio enthusiasts all over the world.

Design: 12 small WELLFLOAT mechanisms (3 x 4 layers)
Materials: Stainless steel, well-machined solid aluminum
Maximum load weight: 250 kg (static load)
Dimensions: 175mm in diameter, 65mm high Weight: 3.0kg

Due to the anodized finish, the color may vary depending on the lot.

Babel BASE

The exclusive option board Babel BASE for Wellfloat Babel,

Enables precise positioning of Wellfloat Babel at the accurate center of gravity using the attached movable attachment on the backside and the included push-pull gauge.

Compatible with audio equipment of any bottom plate shape, including spike legs.


Mr. Shiro Nakamura, a world-famous car designer who produced numerous masterpieces such as GT-R and Fairlady Z at Isuzu Motors and Nissan Motors. He has a deep knowledge of music, is an amateur jazz bassist, and also plays the classical cello. He used to use well floats for musical instruments when he played, and he designed a new generation of well floats.

Mr. Shiro Nakamura

Precautions regarding the installation

For safety, please read the instruction manual for the installation attached, and if you have any concerns and/or questions, please feel free to consult with your dealer or a distributor in your country.