WELLFLOAT Support for Musical Instruments

Uncompromising tone. To get closer to the composer’s intentions

Here, we introduce a model for musical instruments of the epoch-making insulator “WELLFLOAT Delta” that is trusted even in professional sites such as concerts and recording sites.

With this latest model, “Delta Isolation Base for Instruments,” we have succeeded in achieving both the “richness of sound” inherent in musical instruments and the “ease of playing” that performers demand.

By preventing harmful vibrations due to reflections from the floor, it releases musical sounds from muddy and distorted sounds.

Experience the true music experience with the joy of being able to concentrate on music without being influenced by the conditions of the room or venue.

With the Delta Isolation base, you can reduce your stress not only for your day-to-day practice, but also deliver the best music to your once-in-a-lifetime audience.

Please try this sound that makes you want to play it forever with your own ears.